Business characters and cartoons
Business characters and cartoons for Office Gold Club publications. The first ones are about "Quality vs. no-name" and office stress. The main figure in the cartoon "Ein Mann – Ein Kauf" ("One Man – One Buy") is a real salesman to the core who can’t figure out when being in private mode.
Art Director: Brigitte Volz. Client: Quartier Stuttgart.
Purchase without purchase? … is like oversleeping a trend.
Purchase without purchase? … is garbage.
Purchase without purchase? … hurts.
Purchase without purchase? … produces stress.
Office stresss
One Man - One Buy (German title is a wordplay)
"Darling, did you obtain enough offers for the cleaning rag?"
One Man - One Buy (German title is a wordplay)
"Please bring me a list of your ten best drinks with prices,
conditions of delivery, special conditions and payment arrangements."
One Man - One Buy (German title is a wordplay)
"Which tulips do you like? The ones with the green point or rather the ISO 41001 certified ones?"
One Man - One Buy (German title is a wordplay)
"… do you listen to me at all?" - "Mmhm…"
"If you confuse me with your secretary once again, I will get divorced!" - "Take a note of that."

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